The Brazilian Association of Environmental Psychology and Person-Environment Relations (ABRAPA) was established in Brasilia on July 17, 2018, when professors and researchers from the different regions of the Federation met in assembly as founding-partners.


ABRAPA is an autonomous association of private law, with scientific and educational purposes, non-profit or economics and non-partisan, whose objectives are expressed by the following actions:

  1. Support the production and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, as well as training in the area of Environmental Psychology and person-environment relations studies;
  2. To develop the scientific status of the area by stimulating the research, communication and publication of investigation results, as well as the improvement of research methods and conditions;
  3. To contribute to the improvement of the professional practice of the area;
  4. To facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and experience among its members, stimulating local initiatives that enable networks of mutual support;
  5. To maintain exchange and partnerships with other associations, national and international, scientific and professional entities;
  6. To promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technologies to society in general.

In order to foster Environmental Psychology and person-environment relations studies in Brazil, ABRAPA starts from an expanded perspective regarding the area of teaching, research or professional practice of its associates, considering the interdisciplinary nature of the field of study.


Ada Raquel Teixeira Mourão
Alessandra Sant´Anna Bianchi
Ana Paula Soares da Silva
Ariane Kuhnen
Camila Bolzan de Campos
Claudia Marcia Lyra Pato
Daniele da Costa Cunha Borges Rosa
Danielle Abud Pereira
Dayse da Silva Albuquerque
Eveline Favero
Fábio Henrique Vieira de Cristo e Silva
Fernanda Fernandes Gurgel
Gleice Virgínia Medeiros de Azambuja Elali
Gustavo Martineli Massola
Hartmut Günther
Ingrid Luiza Neto
Isolda de Araújo Günther
José de Queiroz Pinheiro
Karla Patrícia Martins Ferreira
Maíra Longhinotti Felippe
Maria Inês Gasparetto Higuchi
Mário Henrique da Mata Martins
Raquel Farias Diniz
Roberta Borghetti Alves
Rute Grossi Milani
Sylvia Cavalcante
Zenith Nara Costa Delabrida

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